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+ kids these days
+ #thirstythursday with @tteddles  (at The Kitchen Next Door)
+ rollerblade escapades with my partner in crime #nationalsiblingday #tbt #loveyoubrotha!
+ #throwbackthursday to good times with this stud.
+ abramsbooks:

What are the causes and consequences of climate change? When the scale is so big, can an individual make any difference? Documentary, diary, and masterwork graphic novel, this up-to-date look at our planet and how we live on it explains what global warming is all about. With the most complicated concepts made clear in a feat of investigative journalism by artist Philippe Squarzoni, Climate Changed weaves together scientific research, extensive interviews with experts, and a call for action. Weighing the potential of some solutions and the false promises of others, this groundbreaking work provides a realistic, balanced view of the magnitude of the crisis that An Inconvenient Truth only touched on.
+ You never know how sick you are until you try to recover. (via sup3rgiirl)

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+ I outsmarted a bottle of wine. #nocorkscrew #accomplishment (at Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca)
+ #newyork (at JWT)
+ streeteraser:

Shoreditch High Street, London