"without money, we'd all be rich"   
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cnn headline of the day
  • internet marketer: hey check out--
  • me: no
+ Perks of working next to @upslope ! Thanks guys :) (at Upslope Brewing Co)
  • boy: what's your number
  • me: 666
+ happy #caturday everyone!
+ keelync:

but I wish you were the ocean
+ at Boulder Creek Trail
+ at Boulder Creek Trail
+ casting spells and making potions 💣 (at Forbidden Forest)
+ everythingbutexistential:

i want to do this.
+ this girl has been like a sister to me for the past two years. an incredible mentor and an amazing friend. today’s my last day at this job and I will miss everyone here so much!! (at CU-Boulder University Memorial Center)